About Volley

Our vision is to benefit brands by empowering broadcast viewers and event attendees to capture and share the moments that matter most to them.

We’re changing the way we share live video

Volley is a revolution in live-streaming. With the tap of a button, you can share and save a live or broadcast experience. Just tap, edit and share. Let Volley do the work for you.

Share high-quality video from wherever you are. Or, save it for later. Build your Volley network and share your videos to thousands. Create micro content on the fly, driving traffic back to live long form content and VOD.


Q: How do I take a Volley?

A: When you experience a moment at a live event you want to share or save, tap the button to take a Volley. We’ll serve you a video of the moment that includes up to 60 seconds before you tapped the button and up to 10 seconds after. If you’re watching videos from within the Volley app (video on demand or VOD) simply play the video and tap the Volley button. You can share your Volley instantly, or you can edit and save it in your list of Volleys for later.

Q: Can I take a Volley of myself?

A: Volley doesn’t involve filming yourself. Volley is all about sharing live video from Volley-enabled events or from video on demand (VOD) content already existing on the Volley platform. You can only send a Volley from an event or VOD content that has been Volley-enabled.

Q: How do I edit a Volley?

A: First, tap Edit. Simply drag the purple arrows to extend or trim your Volley. You can view your edit by pressing play on the larger preview of your video above. Once you’re happy, press Share to share it, or the save icon in the upper right to save it for later. You can add notes, a message or #hashtags in the white text box below it.

Q: Is a special video player needed to use Volley, or edit Volley videos?

A: Volley will work on all smart phones, PCs or tablets using the device’s current video player. You don’t need a different video player to edit your videos.

Q: By the time I hit the Volley button, I missed something I found interesting. How can I get that footage?

A: Volley is clever. It serves you up 60 seconds of video before you tapped the Volley button, and up to 10 seconds after. You can share the Volley instantly, or edit and save it for later. You can also add notes on your Volley.

Q: Can I Volley an entire event?

A: Currently you can only take Volleys that are up to 60 seconds long. You can watch full-length events by browsing the video on demand (VOD) content available on the Volley app. You can take Volleys from these and rewatch the entire event (or your Volleys) anytime.

Q: Which social platforms are compatible with Volley?

A: Volley works across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Volley works on any platform where you can post a URL or video. You can also share a Volley in email, text, WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. You can even save a Volley to platforms like Evernote or OneNote.

Q: Will sending a Volley use up a lot of my data?

A: Volley works by creating a smart URL, so you’re not sharing heavy video files which use up a lot of data. Volleys are light and easy to send and watch. So you can use your data for other things!

Q: Does an event need to be live in order for me to take a Volley?

A: No. Volley works in two ways. You can send a Volley from a live event, like a Keynote speech or a concert as long as it is Volley-enabled. Or you can send a Volley from video on demand (VoD) content already existing in the Volley platform.

Q: Aren’t there copyright issues around sharing content from someone else’s event?

A: Not with Volley. Any event that’s Volley-enabled, has the proper copyright and permissions in place. You have the freedom to take a Volley and share it, edit it, or save it for later. No questions asked.

Q: I’m in the crowd at an event and I want to take a Volley.  I can see the big Volley button to push, but can’t see video of the live stream. Is something broken?

A: Nothing’s broken. When attending live events, we want you to stay in the moment and not glued to your screen, trying to get the right shot. When you experience a moment you want to capture, simply tap the magic button and our platform in the cloud will serve up your Volley.

Q: Can I use Volley with my company's own event app?

A: Yes! Volley's embedded solution allows for seamless integration with 3rd party event apps! Contact us for more information on all of the options available, from mobile web integration to full SDK implementations.

Q: I work for a brand and am interested in Volley-enabling my event.  What do I have to do?

A: Get in touch with us through the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page or shoot us an email at info@volleymedia.com.

Q: Who do I contact to get more information?

A: Get in touch with us through the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page or shoot us an email at info@volleymedia.com.

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